I have friends that Blog!

Testing for the News Program at the University of Florida was such a valuable experience. Not only have I been given the access to a fully functional newsroom but I have learned so much from my fellow Gators in the program. Check out some of the work they do, they are diverse and talented!

Lauren Ashley Bromfield is a talented “newsie” who enjoys dancing! I have had the pleasure of working along side her at ESPN Gainesville and WUFT. Her blog includes her hobby of dancing. I love looking at all her creativity because I minored in Theater and Dance at UF.

Sidney St. Cyr is hands down one of the hardest working “newsies” I met at UF. We worked on Radio Reading service together for two semesters. His knowledge in sports is vast and every time I see him he has a fun fact to share! Check out his blog on all his knowledge of Sports. For a younger gentleman, he matches all the time true sports reporters.

Will Benner also is a “newsie” that has a deep love for basketball. Will played basketball throughout his childhood, and he has translated that into a perspective career. We also worked together at ESPN Gainesville where he is working with the Florida Gator’s Men’s basketball team as a beat reporter.

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