Book Review: The Tipping Point

In Malcom Gladwell’s, The Tipping Point, he highlights the major difference in small details that help something catch fire and gain popularity. Many times, we do not even notice these different factors that catch our attention. There are different rules of epidemics such as, the Law of the Few, the Stickiness Factor, and the Power of Context.


The Law of the Few is all about people’s interactions. He highlighted the idea with an example about disease spreading. He claims that disease originally traces back to influential people that then spread the disease to many others. The “connectors” are people that have an influence and connection to a multitude of people. There are “mavens” who are knowledgeable in a certain field. I know my resume shows my ability to work with people and be social. They have a natural ability to want to reach out their hand and this influences people in their passion. There are also “salesmen” who are very persistent in their approach at dictating people’s decisions.


The Stickiness Factor is like said, sticky. With a successful beginning, influences that are sticky change the way people perceive the future. People will often use these sticky factors to mimic an idea. Sesame Street and Blues Clues are children’s shows that still run today because they are proven to positively influence young children. They are some of the longest running of their kind and it stuck!


The Power of Context is about timing. Sometimes ideas do not influence people because it was not the correct time. If it is relevant and the people are ready to receive it, it will be influential. This reminded me of a time my mother took me shopping for jeans when I was little. She made a statement that low riding jeans would soon be replaced by high waist jeans, like in the past. I laughed at her but with another decade she was correct. Fashion comes and goes and its about timing.


Overall, this book was very educational. I agree that timing and the Power of Context is so important. You need everything to be in the right place to set things in motion sometimes. If people are not ready to receive something it simply will not work. This book is very informative if you are entering the field of marketing. Marketing is useful for everyone, as it is important to know how to market yourself! I bought mine here.



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